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Dr. クラウド・ゴメス


** Message from Dr. C.Gomez [#a6d9d6c4]
** Original Message from Dr. C.Gomez [#a6d9d6c4]

It is a real pleasure for me to see that Japan has now a Scilab website.

Indeed, Scilab is widely used in Japan: nearly 10% of the worldwide
Scilab downloads come from Japan. That is why it is very important for
the Scilab Consortium that a country like Japan has its own Scilab
website. It will provide Japanese users a place to share, exchange and
know themselves. It will also participate in promoting the use of Scilab
in Industry and Education. And I am sure it will be help Japanese to
develop modules and make them available for all Scilab users in the world.

Dr Claude Gomez

Director of the Scilab Consortium


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